Ghost Rider 

i`m the ghost rider

wantet Dead or alive 


In the shine of the sun,

polished to a high gloss.

the black phantom ready for the street fight.

now the party is on

police get scared. If you hear my phantom

at top speed on the way to freedom

danger is my name.

look in the rearview mirror then I'm already over



nobody will stop me.

nobody is faster.

nobody will defeat us.

we are the hunted.


dead or alive


i`m the ghost rider

wantet Dead or alive 


on the highway. the freedom to reach for

the rush of speed. everything so small and blurry

there is a feeling that makes you

do you have the courage to stand in my way?


you think you are right. just because you have a brand

the law of the street. that's my name

fast driving is what I want. (Justice is not just what you think.)

can not you understand that, then fuck you



a raging person can only drive fast because he is fast from the ground up



you can never catch me.
I will escape you.

                             No Way Out


you make me mute

the truth falsify                

what do you expect.

the truth is deceived      

when life ends in pain

conceive the green  mistake

a nation born of hate

for the green lie

no way out



this is a right to life

fight against injustice    

no more compromising

following a god so blind



this is our time to fight

i've been here all alone

listen to their fake cries.

now that you've arrived




we were all blinded

no appetite for reflection

So the lie comes like the plague       

and destroy our society                    



the youth is dazzled

dangerous example

go to one's doom

leave me alone

no esacpe no way out

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